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We are ready to make your next meeting or event FLAWLESS.

At Local Productions our experienced customer service and technically driven staff will handle your event with care, impress your friends and colleagues, all while keeping your program on budget and on time. Once you choose Local Productions as your audiovisual provider, you can stop looking elsewhere as we inspire confidence among event planners, presenters, and artists.

Local Productions is well fitted with a plethora of professional-grade equipment and personnel to handle all of your event needs including:

  • General Sessions
  • Corporate Retreats and Offsite Events
  • Large and Small Breakout Meetings
  • Live Streaming & Video Recording
  • Power Distribution, Low-Noise Portable Generators, Battery Inverters, and Solar Power
  • Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screens, Projectors, and 4K TVs
  • Sound Systems, Wireless Microphones, Musician Support, and Audio Recording
  • Modern Staging with Built-In Flooring
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Traditional Lecterns & Clear Acrylic Lecterns
  • Internet & Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Mobile Device Charging Stations
  • All Breakout Accessories and Meeting Aids

Feel free to take a look at some of our competitive daily equipment rental rates below:
Audiovisual Equipment Rates


Does your event need live sound reinforcement? Do you want your sound reproduction accurately executed by a seasoned audio professional?

Local Productions only supplies vetted & experienced audio professionals prepared with premium audio equipment such as: digital mixing consoles and effects, digital multi-track recording, and both industry-standard & specialty microphones.

We can easily accommodate any size venue with an audience of up to 1000 attendees.

Local productions has provided live sound at multiple types of venues and events such as:

  • Hotels & Event Centers
  • Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College Campus Events
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Theaters & Nightclubs
  • Fundraisers, Galas, and Auctions
  • Indoor & Outdoor Concerts
  • Weddings & Private Gatherings
  • Just Any event that requires sound!

Local Productions is ready to produce any event you can dream of. Our talented staff of designers and technicians are poised to make your next event a complete success.

Local Productions offers a wide variety of video viewing options for both indoor and outdoor use:

  • 4K HDR TVs Ranging in Size from 40-86 inches
  • Rolling TV Stands
  • Personal Video Monitors Ranging in Size from 19-32 inches
  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • Confidence Monitors Ranging in Size from 32-80 inches
  • Inflatable Outdoor Projection Screens with Front or Rear Projection
  • Tripod Front Projection Screens
  • Large Folding Frame Projection Screens with Front or Rear Projection
  • Native 1080p HD Projectors
  • Native 4:3 Projectors with HD Compatibility

We have recorded and/or streamed events ranging from wedding ceremonies to general sessions to live sports. Were happy to take multiple shots during your event such as individual/group close ups, wide shots, and audience or Q&A shots. We can even edit slides or videos that were displayed during your event into the final product. All of our video recordings and streaming are done with camcorders affixed to tall tripods with fluid moving heads. If you are looking for mobile on foot photography or videography services were happy to recommend vendors whom we have enjoyed working with in the past.

In general it is much more cost effective and technically simple to have us record or stream an event if we are already providing audiovisual equipment rentals for that event. Video Recording Services can be added at a cost of $500 per Camcorder + Labor. Additional costs may be required for necessities such as wireless microphones, lighting, drape backdrops, and staging.

We offer multiple types of lighting such as: Uplights, Custom Image & Pattern Gobos, Moving Heads, Moon Balloon Light Systems, Outdoor Net Lighting, LED Effect Lighting, Dance Effect Lighting, Black Lights, Lasers, and some older incandescent classical lighting. The lighting at your event can transform the atmosphere and enhance the experience for everyone.

Are you trying to create an elegant ambiance? A dance party atmosphere? Or something in between?

Local Productions offers countless different types of lighting fixtures for our valued clients, in order to bring your dreams into reality, and dazzle all of your guests. Please send us an inquiry, and we will be happy to send you sample photos & videos of our lighting. We pride ourselves in always using our massive array of lighting in unique and original new ways to make your event striking. Local Productions employs experienced lighting designers that love what they do. Our team will work with you to make your event look and be magical.


Moon Balloon Lighting is one of the best ways to light up an outdoor space for nighttime events or any space for photo/video shoots. This fully dimmable high powered 1800 watt light is located inside of a 160cm balloon envelope so it can provide 360 degree lighting coverage. Photographers and videographers alike love the ability to dial in the perfect lighting with an easy to use rotary light dimmer.

We have had client’s request and use moon balloons for all sorts of events needs, from lighting up large events spaces with hundreds of attendees playing outdoor games to lighting up the dinner tables at smaller wedding receptions so guests can see what’s on their plate and who is giving a toast. The Moon Balloon also makes for a wonderful backdrop as pictured.

Consider adding one of our Moon Balloon Light Systems at your next event for a daily rental cost of $600 + Labor.

The Moon Balloon Light System requires 15 Amps of dedicated power. If there is no adequate power supply available at your venue we can supply batteries or low-noise gas generators at an additional daily rental cost of $300.

Moon Ballon at Wedding Reception
Moon Balloon against Ocean

Pipe & Drape works by connecting drape hanging metal crossbars between metal uprights supported by weighted bases.

Pipe & drape is popular for many event types and uses such as: Weddings, Trade Shows, Meetings, Conferences, Private Events, Dressing Rooms, Photo Backdrops, Stage Backdrops, Sporting Events, Backstage & Green Rooms, Alters, Sound Deadening, Hanging of Sponsor Banners, Window Blackout, Gobo Projection, Room Division, etc...

When used as a backdrop for photos or videos Pipe & Drape helps put more of an emphasis on the subjects being photographed or recorded. When used as a backdrop for public speaking events or any performance on a stage, Pipe & Drape helps put more of an emphasis on the presenters and/or performers. We often get a lot of requests for Pipe & Drape at events that are being video recorded as well due to distracting features in architecture or to block outside elements such as sunlight from the stage or screen/s. Uplights can also be combined with Pipe & Drape for an added effect as pictured.

We have both black and grey drape in our inventory and can order any colors of drape for your next event by request. All of our drape inventory is certified as an Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) Fabric, meeting the safety standards for many large venues and event insurance providers.

Consider adding Black or Grey Pipe & Drape from Local Productions at your next event at a daily cost of $100 per 10ft Wide Section of Drape Needed + Labor.

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We proudly use the StageTek® Stage System by Wenger Corporation. The StageTek® platforms have some of the highest load ratings in its class and are also lighter as well as easier to grip for our crew. Local Production's Stages have supported all kinds of events from General Sessions to Dance Performances like Australia's Thunder From Down Under. All of our stages have built in black flooring, come with black stage skirting, and feature two steps for both an entrance and exit to/from the stage. Our most commonly requested stage size, 16x8ft, rents for $800 + labor.

Don't forget to consider adding Stage Lighting and a Pipe & Drape Backdrop. Speaker Timers & Confidence Monitors are always an added touch as well! Banners and sponsor signs can also be hanged for an additional fee. We also offer both Clear Acrylic Lecterns ($200 Rental) and Black Lecterns ($100 Rental). Logos may be attached to Clear Acrylic Lecterns for an additional fee.

Need Mobile Power for your event! We got you and any other vendor's or performer's power needs covered!

We have multiple sizes of low noise gas generators in our inventory. Our 15-20amp Gas Generators Rent for $300 per Day + Labor and include a full tank of gas.

For events that cannot use gas generators due to noise or emissions concerns we offer 1000 Watt Hour, 3000 Watt Hour, and 6000 Watt Hour Batteries which range in rental price from $150-600 + Labor.


We want to help you plan and execute your dream wedding; there is no detail too small toward making your special day perfect. Weddings take a great deal of planning and we have fine-tuned our craft to be instrumental in assisting you in envisioning every aspect of your big day. From the moment the guests arrive, to those magical words, "I Do.”

No family member, friend, or (even worse) Bride/Groom wants the unnecessary burden of setting up equipment, DJing/MCing, and having to keep the party going; we'll gladly shoulder all of the worries, and assist in making everything for you and your loved ones magical.

Local Productions gives careful consideration to each wedding; your primary point of contact will be our founder, Nick. We are always happy to perform a phone, virtual, and/or in-person consultation for couples, as well as an on-site inspection of the venue. We provide services for ceremonies as well as receptions; we create a customized playlist for each part of the wedding, and can even attend wedding ceremony rehearsals with sound equipment so you and your bridal party can practice walking to and from the alter with music before the big day. Rehearsals with microphones and music playback are always recommended, and are especially beneficial for first time wedding officiants.

We are not just DJs! If you have ever attended a wedding reception, you may have noticed that the DJ/MC plays a large role in the festivities throughout the day. As part of the planning process, we like to get to know our clients personally, as well as their audiences taste in music, we want to customize every aspect of their day to make it perfect. Our DJ's are not only experienced in choosing and blending music and getting all ages on the dance floor but are also fantastic public speakers.

We offer a wide variety of lighting and special effects that can be used to light up any plain space into whatever you can imagine. Our wireless battery operated uplights take up minimal space, with no cables needed, and can change colors in an instant. Imagine how unique your photos would look by having a different uplight color for each dance, toss, and the cutting of the cake. Please inquire with us for specialty lighting such as Custom Gobos, Net Lighting, and Moon Balloons.

Having a wedding ceremony and/or reception on the beach? We can provide power at off-grid weddings for not only our equipment but also any other vendors with our batteries and low noise generators.

Please review our current Wedding DJ Package for more information & pricing:
Wedding DJ Package

We also provide services for private events! Did you get that new job or promotion? Having a birthday? Hosting a holiday or work party? Do you just want to celebrate with friends and family and have a great time?

Let us help you make it the best party that you've ever thrown!

Students work very hard in school, and between sports, studying, and any other extracurricular activities, they deserve to have a day or night of excitement with loads of fun! The memories of these events will be forever cherished for the young folks in attendance, and Local Productions is here to deliver the best on or off campus event that the students have ever enjoyed! We will work tirelessly for your school to make every event that we produce for you be the talk of the campus, long after the last note carries over.

Allow Local Productions to provide our DJ and Audiovisual Services at your next School Dance, Formal, Prom, Fraternity or Sorority Event, Graduation, Grad Night, Auction or Fundraiser, and we will deliver to you a night that won't be soon forgotten.

High School Dances, Proms, Formals, and Grad Nights were the first events that we started with, and do we know how to make them spectacular! Through premium audio, lighting, and effects, an outstanding variety of music, and extensive knowledge of today's hit songs, with youthful, upbeat DJs and Lighting Designers, we strive to ensure that your next school event will be the best in your school's history. Imagine your next school homecoming or prom with the entire room showcasing your school colors! Local Productions is happy to work with teachers, parents, administrators, and students in preparation for your next school function!


Audiovisual Equipment Rates

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Wedding DJ Package

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